Local All Natural Pasture Raised Beef

cows in a pasture

The Sanford family is a fourth generation ranching family.

We started out wanting quality beef to feed our family because it is important to us to know where our food was coming from. We like knowing what our cattle have been fed and how they have been raised from start to finish.

Now we want to share that with our community. Our cows all all pasture raised, grass and grain finished, with no added hormones or steroids so you can feel good about what you are feeding your family.

Where's the Beef?

We currently provide beef to Reno, NV and surrounding areas.


Meat comes frozen, cut and wrapped in a variety of steak and roast cuts listed below and hamburger is packaged in roughly 1.5 lb amounts. Bulk orders can be further customized if ordered before the butchering process.

a juicy steak

Cows are sold by hanging weight after butchering and can vary in weight, usually between 750 to 850 lbs.